suede and leather servicesLeather and Suede Care

Our Suede and Leather Services Experts are ready to help. Suede and Leather are unlike fabrics made from natural or synthetic fibers, as they are made from the hides of animals. Therefore, they have special needs when it comes to care and maintenance. High-quality items made of these materials require special care when cleaning. Our leather cleaning technicians in can remove stains, prevent dryness and cracking, and restore softness, movement and texture.

Unlike fabrics which are made from natural fibers, such as cotton or silk, or synthetic fibers, such as jersey or poly blends, leather and suede are made from the hides of animals. As such, these materials have special needs when it comes to care and maintenance, which is taken care of by our experienced technicians skilled in suede and leather care services. This includes stain removal, as well as maintenance such as dryness and cracking prevention, and restoration of softness, movement, and texture. At Steiningers Cleaners, we are able to take out difficult stains, scuffs and scrapes out of every-day garments, couture wear, shoes and handbags, while maintaining the quality of the material.